Home for the Summer – Lexi

In this news series, our staff who started off as campers years ago, share their personal journeys and stories with us to reveal the secrets that make YCC their Home for the Summer.

“I have been part of the YCC family almost my whole life. I started going to camp when I was only two years old because my dad was the camp doctor. Around the age of five, I started sleeping in bunks and attending all the fun camp activities. I stayed at camp for two weeks, my first year sleeping in a bunk.

Since YCC is really my home away from home and has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, I have so many different memories that are special. My first memory of being an official camper at YCC, is the time I met my lifelong friends.

It was my first year sleeping in a bunk and I remember being super nervous, but the second I walked past that Rocky Point rock the nervousness turned into excitement. Myself and one other girl were the youngest in the bunk. 

We instantly became best friends. To this day she is still my best friend who I’ve gotten to experience every big camp moment with, starting from “wonderful washhouse” to getting VEME day together.

My love for YCC drives me to go back every year. I spend the school year counting down the days until I’m back to this place that makes me so happy. The people, the place and most importantly all the memories make my love for YCC grow with each and every year. For me, YCC is so special because of the connection it creates for each camper. Because of YCC I have made lifelong friends and incredible memories.

Out of my long career at YCC my most memorable moment would be getting VEME day as a Sr. CIT camper. This day gave me a chance to get to know every village camper as we all participated in amazing activities throughout the day. I was able to experience this with my best friends who had been going to camp me with since that first day at Rocky Point.

I will never forget, the excitement and happiness that I felt when I heard not only my name being called as captain but also the names of some of my closest friends being called. I believe being a camper in the main camp is a time where everything is about fun. As a camper you create unforgettable memories as you roam carefree through camp. It’s a time where I can truly say I have some of my most fun and funny memories.

As a Sr. CIT you also create amazing memories, but you also come out with a deeper understanding of yourself. As a Sr. CIT you’re participating in fun activities, but you have a lot more responsibility and you have meaningful experiences. Being a Sr. CIT has changed me in ways I will forever be grateful for. It taught me to open up to those I care about, to laugh and find the silver lining in all situations.

The main thing I have learnt from camp and being a Sr. CIT is to always be positive. YCC has taught me that there is always good in the bad, to never live life regretting what has happened, to laugh when things get bad and to always have hope that it will get better soon. This lesson has helped me today with COVID-19 as there have been so many disappointments, but I know that this too shall pass. I am lucky and grateful to be healthy. Thanks to YCC, I know that no matter what there is always a reason to smile.

Sending your child to YCC is the best decision you can make for them. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without YCC. It’s the place where I learnt who I truly am and where I am the happiest. There is a special place for each child in this camp and YCC would not be the camp it is without the campers. We’re a huge mix of different people but each and every kid is what completes and makes us a family.” – Lexi

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