Meet Jessica Meirovici

Hi, my name is Jessica and I am the Coordinator of the Diller Teen Fellows Program in Montreal. I was born and raised in Montreal. I attended Herzliah High School, studied at Hebrew University, and completed my Cegep Degree at Dawson College. I completed my Undergraduate degree at McGill University where I studied International Development Studies and Field Studies in Panama. Prior to taking on my role as the Diller Coordinator here in Montreal, I completed my Master’s degree in Education at McGill. 

I always had a passion for leadership and education. In High School, I was part of the fashion show committee, Co-Vice President of the student council, participated in LEDA and more. Throughout my Cegep and University degree I was also involved with Hillel and held a position on the International Development Student Association. 

What you may or may not already know about me is that I was a Diller Teen Fellow in Montreal in 2009-2010. I feel fortunate to have experienced the growth of the organization by interning for the program two years ago. I knew this would be the perfect job for me because I am passionate about being part of a global community, finding ways to connect to one another, helping others develop their leadership skills while embracing their role in Tikkun Olam. 

I pursued my passion for education and global studies and found that perfect combination in my role as a coordinator of the Diller Teen Fellows program.

Diller incorporates six core experiences for teens to gain a sense of pride about being Jewish, become inspired and empowered to make a positive difference in our various communities, apply leadership skills to real world challenges, value diverse expressions of ideas, beliefs, and practices, develop a positive relationship to the land, the people and the state of Israel, and gain a personal connection and care for the Jewish people . ​

But Diller goes beyond that. It’s about bringing future leaders together and providing with the space to continue growing and finding creative ways to support their community while building our connection to our partnership community, Be’er Sheva Bnei Shimon.

I love being here for the fellows, getting to know them and working hard by taking the Diller curriculum and really adapting it to the needs and interests of our fellows.

I am happy to wake up every morning and head over to the Y. Although I am part of an international program, the Y has found ways to include the program and our teens into the core of their organization. It makes my job, easy, fun and exciting to be located in the heart of the community. Learn more about the Diller program here.