We are honoured to announce that we have been selected to be part of the LIFE & LEGACY® program, a four-year partnership with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and the Montreal’s Jewish Community Foundation (JCF).

Our vision is simple: to sustain Jewish continuity.

We are dedicated to deepening and reinforcing our roots for a strong community today and tomorrow by building endowments and after lifetime giving. These gifts are about the journey we take together, the lives we can touch and change for the better, and the continuity of our community.

Join us! Your legacy gift today will create permanence and a solid future for the YM-YWHA. Help ensure a lifetime of engagement, Jewish leadership and a place to belong.

Let’s start the conversation. Call us at 514-737-6552 ext. 568 or send us an email at frd@ymywha.com.

Life and Legacy

LIFE & LEGACY Committee Members, from left to right: Robert Fainer, Jeffrey Kadanoff, Alvin Fagen, Tina Apfeld, Carl Schlesinger.


The Felicia & Arnold Aaron Foundation
Tina Apfeld & Martin Rosenthal and family
Irene Bass & Michael Frankel
Aaron Ben Shabat
Norman Bercovitch
Claire Berger & Alvin Fagen and Family
Howard Berish
Jeff Bicher
David J. Cape
In memory of Nathan & John Dlusy
Andrea Engels
Robert Fainer
Naomi Faraj
Liane Feldman & Hillel Rosen

Corey Geenen
Brian Z. Gelfand
Gloria & Joseph Gilbert
The Morris & Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation
Jonathan Ross Goodman
Doreen Green
Sam & Aviva Greenberg
Michael & Valerie Grodinsky
Louis Grossbaum
Susan & Robert Heckler
Jeffrey Kadanoff
Phyllis & Ian z”l Karper & Family
Charlie Katz
Tara Kaufman
Nathalie Klepatch
Estate Helen Kornreich
Abbey Kreisman

Dayna Lapkovsky
Vita & Dr. William Novick z”l
Robert Ralph
Elyse Rosen
Andrea Daniels Rosenbloom
Rhoda and Marvin Rosenbloom
Scott Rozansky
Joshua Rubin
Richard (Rick) Rubin
Victor Salem
Roy Salomon
Jillian & Carl Schlesinger
Joey Schreter
Manuel Shacter
Brenda Stermer
Marion & Hyman Tannenbaum
Irwin Tauben
Jeannette & Ziki Zaffir
Anonymous Donors

My link and passion for Life and Legacy at the Y has been engrained in my upbringing. At two year old, I commenced my Jewish education at the Y preschool, and forged my first friendships. At 5 years old, I attended my first summer of day camp at the Y and was introduced to the value of team sports. By 7 years old, I felt the magic of my first summer at YCC sleep-away camp and learned skills that still serve me today. When I was 15 years old, I was welcomed into the Y weight room and my passion for fitness was ignited. By 25 years old, I was leading my first of many Y fundraisers. Today, my goal is to provide my fellow Y members with the same opportunities I grew up with as a Director of our glorious Association.

In 1910, my great grandfather became a founding member of our YM-YWHA. Without his generation’s commitment to our JCC, my story would be very different. Similarly, my pledge to the LIFE & LEGACY program crystallizes my commitment to this timeless institution and helps to secure its future for generations to come. From strength to strength! From generation to generation!

Rob Fainer

The Y has been in my life since I was very young. I remember participating in Y programs on Kellert in Cote St Luc in the 70s. I left Montreal for many years and lost touch with the Y. However, when I returned about 8 years ago, I sent my kids to Y Country Camp to join their niece and nephew without knowing too much about what the Y was about. Over the last several summers, my kids have enjoyed YCC tremendously and I have also grown very fond of the camp including many trips to the family weekend camp. Over time, I started participating in Y fundraising events along with family members. These events included the raffle, cycling and golf which are all great ways to give back to the community. The LIFE & LEGACY program is a natural extension of that and a fantastic way to show that you are a proud supporter of the Y and everything it does for our youth and families. I strongly encourage others to consider contributing the Y’s LIFE & LEGACY program.

Jeffrey Kadanoff

I have been a very proud Y member for the past 57 years, which in essence, represents the better part of my life to date. The Y has provided me with so many friends and most of all, a true sense of what it means to be part of a community. Whenever I’ve been travelling for extended period of time, my cohorts at the Y always notice my absence, and welcome me back happy to see that all is good. For me, it’s like being a member of an extended family. It is a second home. The Y has been my single most constant connection to our Montreal Jewish community at large.  I believe that our Y is really the pulse of our community. The importance of ensuring this continues into the future is without a doubt a critical element for guaranteeing that our community remains strong and connected  to our Jewish  roots for generations to come.

Alvin Fagen

The Y has always been a part of my life. I learned to swim and lifeguard at the pool, became independent and made great friendships at YCC, watched my kids play basketball and learn to love Israel at Diller, improve my own health and fitness at the gym, I meet with friends at the café and am now working to build a strong future for our community on the board. The Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA is where the Montreal Jewish Community comes together. Young or old, poor or rich, healthy or not, Ashkenazi or Sephardi, English or French:  all are welcomed. The Y touches everyone. That’s why I’ve chosen to be involved and do my part to ensure the Y remains relevant for future generations.

Tina Apfeld

I’ve been going to the Y since I was 16 and have great memories of working out and hanging out afterwards at Mitchels restaurant with friends. Being at the Y felt like being in our living room. Fast forward 15 years, with children of my own and I am still there regularly bringing them to the many activities the Y has to offer. My children even learned how to swim at the Y, play basketball and attend leadership programming. I truly believe in supporting the life and Legacy program as I want to ensure that this institution remains a healthy, attractive facility so that future generations can have that same opportunity of inclusion, participation and warmth.

Carl Schlesinger