Q&A with Cookie Lazarus: 80 years young and keeps on swinging

Cookie Lazarus
Cookie LazarusHonouree

Why/how did you join the Y Golf tournament?

Sheldon Krakower who has been my life-long accountant is the one who asked me to join Y GOLF and I cannot refuse Sheldon anything.

What makes Y GOLF special?

For me anything that enhances the lives of children I support and want to contribute to.

Why is the cause of sending kids to camp important to you?

Giving back is a mitzvah and a blessing. People who come to play golf have fun and also get to send underprivileged kids to camp and we know how camp is important in a child’s development.

What is your most memorable moment at Y GOLF?

Young guys jumping up and down at the 1st hole. So nice to see them happy and having fun.

What does being honoured at this year’s Y GOLF mean to you?

It means I’m getting old! This year the Y Golf Tournament is a day before my 80th birthday, and it means I’m taking the day off, guilt free and celebrating.

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