Room Rentals

Spaces are available for rental. Please fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 1-5 business days.

The Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA reserves the right to refuse events, not in line with our values.

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Location Price per hour (Not including taxes) Condition Capacity
Grover $250 Minimum 4 hours 400 theatre style
300 with tables and chairs
255 with alcohol and food (client will need to apply for an alcohol license if selling alcohol)
Kellert $100 60 theatre style
50 with 5 round tables and food at the back
Hall of Honour $100 100 theatre style with no food
8 – 10 round tables
Multi AB (combined) $100 50 – 60
Multi A, B, C, D, Pilate room $45 30 theatre style
20 with tables
Weiser $100 20
Dance Studio $120
Program C $45
Item Price (Not including taxes) Details
Housekeeping (mandatory for events with over 100 participants) $30/hour on weekends Extra can be charged for exhausted cleaning
Security Charge (mandatory for events with over 100 participants or after hours) $35/hour (extra guard)
$45/hour/guard for overtimePrices vary depending on the event
Final quote based on the formula provided by Security (minimum 4 hours)
Coffee/Sugar/Milk/Cups/Napkins $15/pot (40 cups)
$25/pot (100 cups)
Forks & Knives  $5/50 people
Hot water with tea/sugar/milk/cups/napkins $10/pot
Hot water without tea $5/pot

Please complete the below form to receive details and pricing on your event.