Top 5 Benefits of Bringing you Workouts at Home

Staying active is one of the most important things we can do, as we do our part by staying home. It is essential in maintaining not only physical but mental well-being. With our Y Fit On-Demand Platform we are bringing a plethora of great workouts to YOU. We know that nothing beats the live experience of exercising at the gym, but the benefits of our world-class platform will keep you motivated and in shape during our temporary closure and perhaps beyond, when you can’t make it to the gym.

Here we share the Top Five benefits of our Y Fit On-Demand Platform.

1. A Myriad of Choice

With over 550 group fitness exercise classes, you won’t run out of new, different workouts to try. Look for HITT, strength and conditioning, cardio, dance, Zumba, meditation, indoor cycling, kickboxing, stretching, Yoga for adults and kids, and so much more.

Thanks to the “Class Finder” tab, you go straight to the video library to view classes by type, duration and provider. Or you can simply enter a key word in “Search” for a variety of suggestions.

Your usage is unlimited! You can do as many classes as you like – and soon enough, as we’re planning to add our very own Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA workouts – led by YOUR favourite Y instructors – you’ll have even more selection!

2. Convenient

We don’t call it “Y Fit On-Demand” for no reason. Accessibility is quick and easy on your phone, laptop, tablet or any other internet-enabled device. Every class is readily available on-demand 24/7, which gives YOU the power to choose when and where you want to exercise. Whether you live in a large house or smaller apartment, these workouts don’t require a lot of space. Just find a comfortable spot and designate it as YOUR exercise space.

Many of the classes don’t require equipment as they mostly use and engage bodyweight. When equipment is needed, we’re talking about the likes of dumbbells or Kettle balls, which are small enough to store at home. Did we mention that having your own private shower right there once you finish your workout is an additional plus?

3. Make It Your Own

The beauty of our on-demand platform is that it allows YOU to customize your exercise plan to your personal needs. You can mix up your week by following workouts that engage different parts of your body, at different intensities and for different periods of time. For example, if Monday is your full body day, you can opt for a 30 mins Circuit HIIT Workout. On days when you have less time but perhaps want to target just a specific body part, you can choose a 10-minute Abs and Core class. When you wake up with less energy or after a long exhausting work-filled day, you can try an 18 mins Stretch class that will help you relax.

With the immense variety of classes offered you have enough choice to create a full workout plan for yourself.

4. Expanding Your Fitness

Led by top fitness professionals from across the world, our on-demand classes provide access to experts that you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to exercise with. You have an opportunity to sample different instructors, teaching styles and classes, like Cardio Capoeira, a cardio class, based on a Brazilian martial art. The beauty is that with the variety offered, chances are you’ll discover and enjoy a new instructor or a new type of exercise that perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity to try before.

5. Customizable

As you start exploring and using our on-demand fitness platform you’ll notice that once you finish a video, it’ll automatically be stored under the “My Activity” tab. This feature keeps track of your most recent classes you’ve played. It’s an easy way for you to find a class that you want to repeat.

For classes that you absolutely adore and want to include on your roster, we suggest that you select the “star” icon in order to store them under the “Favorites” tab.

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