My Journey With Diller

Diller is a year-long international leadership program for Jewish teenagers in grades 10 and 11. Diller teens spend their year, developing the tools they need to be leaders in our community. They also have the opportunity to connect with Jewish teens from 6 continents and 32 communities who are going through a similar Diller experience. As a Diller Teen you could have the opportunity to participate in a year-long curriculum of workshops, community service, and host Israeli teens in your home city and travel to Israel for a three-week summer seminar. The program is defined as a year to impact a lifetime.

“The Diller Teen Fellows program is an amazing yearlong program that helped me develop my Jewish identity and make me more connected to the international Jewish community. It impacted me greatly as it showed me my options and opportunities on how to make the world a better place and further develop my Jewish knowledge. I learned about various interesting topics and points of view on Judaism by visiting different synagogues and groups of people like the Ethiopian Jewish Community, the Religious Haredim, the Bedouins and more. During the year, we did many programs about our Jewish identities, how we feel about certain topics like Israel, Antisemitism and different Jewish values. We learned leadership skills like how to plan events, be organized and problem solve while planning our Leadership Shabbaton, and our Community Week which is the week in our partner city in Israel all which is planned by the fellows. The Diller Teen Fellows Program truly is a year to impact a lifetime”

Lindsay Hayes, Cohort 11

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