Inclusion Spring Day Camp

Children ages 5 – 12

The Y City Inclusion Camp is an engaging and adaptive camp, open to campers of all ages, and various developmental and physical abilities. The Inclusion Camp leadership team will design fun, hands-on experiential learning in a Jewish environment, with a particular focus on Israel.
Children ages 5 – 12 will be integrated in the Y City Camp bunks and activities with a Companion if necessary. All counselors and specialists across Y City Camps, including swim instructors, will receive inclusion training in order to best accommodate the diversity of our campers’ needs. Y City Inclusion Camp is dedicated to providing accessible, welcoming and safe space where each camper will develop their skill and confidence, and feel a real sense of community and belonging.

Y City Camp Inclusion Values

This year, the goals of our camp are to provide worthwhile and varied integration opportunities while building meaningful community relationships.
We want our campers to experience the joy of daily camp activities and leave our camp with new and lasting friendships!

A Day at Y City Inclusion Camp

Children (ages 5 – 12): Campers are integrated with a companion into one of our mainstream day camp bunks.  They will participate and travel with their group but are able to modify their own schedule when needed with their companion.  We want to ensure that these campers feel included and welcome in their bunk’s everyday life but their assigned companion will ensure that appropriate adaptations are offered when necessary.

As part of our camp support services we can offer to all inclusion campers the opportunity to visit the camp facilities before the start of camp and practice parts of the daily routine, to become familiar with the space and begin to build bonds with the staff

Spring Camp Details

Dates to come