Tween Leadership

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Here to have Fun, Make Friends, Grow Together and be Creative

The Tween Leadership Team is one part of an exciting new partnership between the Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA and PJ Our Way, powered by GenMTL, to bring year-round programming to families raising Jewish kids ages 9-12. This exciting new initiative is made possible through a grant from PJ Library, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, in partnership with Federation CJA.


Hi! My name Arielle and I am 10 years old. I am in grade 5 at UTT. I have one sister and one brother. My hobbies are skating, dancing and waterskiing. My favourite subjects are Englsih, Music and Math. I’m excited to be on the Tween Leadership team because I have good ideas to share. The qualities I bring to the group are my creativity and my fun-ness. I’m most excited about the events and meeting new people.

Hi, my name is David. I am ten years old and I love to read. My favorite book is peanuts Cowabunga. I also love playing soccer. Soccer is my favorite sport because I like to kick stuff. The school I go to is called Merton. There are five people in my family, My sister Navah my brother Benjamin my dad Assaf my mom Rita and me. My hobbies are Lego, cars and video games. My favourite video game is brawl stars. I like it because I could play it with my friends and it’s also fun. Another video game I like is called clash of clans. You have to battle other people and upgrade your stuff to get better characters.  That’s a little bit about me!

My name is Nili Diner and I am 11 years old. I am in grade 6 at Hebrew Academy of Montreal. This is my Bat Mitzvah year and I am excited for what the year will bring in terms of learning and celebrating. I go to a Jewish summer camp called Moshava, it is in Ontario. My favorite part about camp is the lake and all the water activities. I have an older brother and sister that both graduated from Hebrew Academy. My sister is in University in New York and my brother is spending a year in Israel learning. A fun fact about me is that I like to ski in the winter and water ski in the summer

Hello people! My real name is Isaiah but I prefer to be called Shia. I’m 11 years old. I’m the only boy out of four kids in my family. I love to make people laugh, I love seeing smiles on people’s faces. My favourite sport is football but I like all sports. Also, I can do many different kinds of flips on my trampoline. I’m very happy to be on the Tween Leadership team.

Tween Leadership – Closing Dinner May 2022

Kol Hakavod! At this closing dinner, the Tween Leaders shared their experiences with each other of being part of the team, gave each other awards for all their hard work and celebrated all their achievements. They did an amazing job at leading events this year, and making all the Tween events special and fun! We cannot wait to start up a new team next year!

Tween Leadership First Meet – September 15, 2022

Tween Leadership Meeting – February 7, 2023