Q&A with Jordan: Y City Camp Director

JordanCamp Director

What have you planned for the kids this summer?

We have such a fun summer planned! We are going to have one special day every week where we will be having different experiences and activities visiting us here at Y and every kid will be able to have fun and discover new things that they love. We also have some very exciting field trips planned every other week where we will get to explore the outdoors and make a splash!

What makes Y City Camp different than other camps?

What sets Y City Camp apart from other camps are our three core values; learning by doing, Jewish identity and connecting to nature. Every day will bring new challenges to explore and grow through for campers and counsellors alike and we have the privilege of doing that in every corner of the Y and in our sunny park just across the street! Most camps do not have as many people in the staff team as we do and this is done to make sure that every camper can feel loved and supported by their counsellors, specialists, swimming instructors etc! Our goal is to make sure that every camper feels like the Y city camp is THEIR camp!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

I am most looking forward to our special days and field trips! We have put a lot of effort into making sure that every day at camp is special but the special days and field trips will stand out for sure! They will be super jam packed with opportunities to live out our core values and be extremely memorable! I also can’t wait for everyone to get to spend more time outside, learning and playing as kids do best!

What’s your favourite thing about camp?

My favourite thing about camp is the ability to work on my feet and constantly be moving! Camp staff have the privilege of getting to spend most of their summer outdoors, on the grass or in a pool and I can’t imagine a better way of spending all the energy that we’ve built up waiting inside for several months during the winter! After a long day of camp, it is so easy to feel exhausted but the kids and the camp culture make you wake up and do it again tomorrow! 

What’s #1 tip on making new friends?

My biggest tip for making new friends is participating in as many activities as you can! So much of what we do at camp is designed to make working together with your bunk FUN so friendships come super naturally!! Bunks will be travelling in pairs with their age group so there is double the chances of making a friend for life at camp!

What’s #1 thing you would pack for a day at camp?

I wish I could say I would pack my smile but unfortunately I always have that with me 😉 but I know I can’t leave home without my water bottle and sunscreen because it’s so important to stay protected and hydrated when we’re running around, exploring outside in the bright summer sun, and I can promise that we’re going to be doing a lot of that! Safety is a big part of having fun and making sure that we can do it every day for 6 short weeks so always make sure that every camper leaves home ready to take on the day with everything they need to be safe, satisfied and motivated to have FUN!

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