Rivky & Guylaine’s Top 3 Y Fit On-Demand Classes

We asked Rivky, our Manager of Group Fitness and Guylaine, our Group Fitness Coordinator, to share which Y Fit On-Demand classes inspired them most and why they liked they like them. Here’s what they have to say. You never know, their favourites may become yours.

Y Fit On Demand

Rivky’s Top 3 Classes

HIIT It at Home with instructor Brett is amazing! Brett is a dynamic instructor who gives clear and safe directions to ensure proper form and an efficient workout at home. The class is fully adaptable to whether the home participant has dumbbells or not, and can easily be adapted to a low impact workout or a higher impact workout. Rather than only focusing on heavy cardio and muscular endurance, Brett adds in a much needed element of mobility training and functional movement.

BoxxHIIT Total Body

Boxx HIIT Total Body with instructors Louis and Esmee is a great full body workout less than 30 minutes long! I love how both instructors ease you into the work you’ll be doing and build boxing combinations up with time so that you can get used to the punching techniques before going into the more full blown combinations. Boxx HIIT switches between boxing drills and HIIT drills to ensure maximum effort output in minimum time!

BoxxHIIT Total Body

Core Strength (TTF) with instructor Ed is only 16 minutes long, and I love that it works your core to push past your limits! Instead of just being a straight core workout, I like that it also also has a great cardio element for an extra challenge!

Core Strength (TTF)

Guylaine’s Top 3 Classes

Great Movitator. As you get further into the workout, Gideon keeps motivating you and throws more challenge at you. Quick & Effective, No equipment needed.

30-Minute Athletic HIIT Bootcamp

This is a full body conditioning workout using resistance equipment to hit every major muscle group. With moves aimed to tone and sculpt long, lean and strong muscles. As a P90X Live Instructor, this workout is very similar and that’s why I love it!

SH1FT – Total Body Tone

Angie Stewart leads us through a 10-min deep yoga stretch. This routine is perfect after a long day, after teaching my Zumba & P90X Live classes or anytime. It helps me to relax and de-stress.

10-Minute Yoga Deep Stretch