Getting to know our Group Fitness Instructors –  Carrie Freedman

What do you teach at the Y?

I teach spinning and group fitness classes such as body pump, circuit training, HIIT and LIIT.

What is the best part of being a fitness trainer?

The best part of being a trainer is to see my participants leave a class feeling energized, happy and strong. The fact that I can make people feel good and motivate them, while doing something that I love, is the best part of this job.

How do you stay motivated?

Being active is something that is ingrained in me. I don’t feel good when I am not moving. That being said, I don’t always feel like doing a high intensity workout, and I listen to my body so that I don’t get burned out. I take days to train outdoors, something that I love, and sometimes that means just going for a long walk or hike and appreciating nature.

What have you learned from Covid-19 in terms of teaching and connecting with members?

Covid 19 has been hard, I won’t lie. I really miss being in the gym and connecting in person with members. But if anything Covid has taught us, it’s the art of pivoting. There is so much offered online. It’s a good opportunity to try new workouts and connect with an online community.

Do you have a favourite type of workout? If so what is it and why?

I don’t really have a favourite type of workout, because I feel best when I am cross-training and doing all different types of exercises. However, getting on a spin bike, lowering the lights and just sinking into the music, is probably my go to workout when I am feeling unsure of what to do. I have always been slightly addicted to cardio, but whenever I take time for stretching or core training, I feel amazing after.

What is your favourite new feature, space and/or equipment at the newly renovated Y? And why?

I am really excited to start training with the AXLE, a new exercise tool and program that the Y has acquired. It really fires up the core and allows for all type of strengthening exercises. It’s challenging and a lot of fun.